Our journey from KLEIN to KREDO

Four years ago, in the fall of 2016, the founders of KLEIN Watches got together and decided to create a watch brand that would change the entire industry. The founders were convinced that style shouldn’t break the bank. Their goal was to change the way people think about high fashion watches by offering quality designer products at a revolutionary price.

They brought life to a watch brand that was unlike others. KLEIN Watches made loud noise internationally with being a men’s brand that is affordable, accessible to all and offering the most aesthetic designs.

The KLEIN community grew fast. Triggered by our lifestyle, which showed ambitious and self-confident men, striving for success, everyone wanted to join the movement. Inspired by our success and message, new small watch brands tried to adopt our initial philosophy and started to enter the watch industry as well. We could have never foreseen this ripple effect. A big shout out to all of you! Today we can proudly say that we’ve changed the watch industry forever!

This past year, although it was marked by pride and progress, something changed in the mentality of our company. We felt that the KLEIN brand had achieved its original goal but that it didn’t embody the new goals and ambitions that our founders had grown towards. People change every day and with ambition come new goals and a shift in philosophy. That led us to think: why should a brand always remain the same? The simple answer is: it shouldn’t!

It took us a long year of meetings, late nights and hard work behind the scenes, but we made it! After four years of being KLEIN Watches, we decided to evolve and change into KREDO.


KLEIN was a lifestyle, KREDO will build a legacy.