The KREDO Automatic hour work has an energy reserve to keep it running.
That means that even if you don't move your wrist or take of the watch, the movement will continue to run on kinetic energy reserve.

If the watch stops running within 2 minutes then we know the energy reserve is broken,
but if the watch continues to run without movement for longer than 2 minutes the energy reserve is not broken.
It actually means your energy reserve was not charged enough to continue to run for its full potential (or the entire night).
As you have probably already read about winding your Automatic KREDO Watch, we notice that a lot of customers pull out the crown and try winding it.
The trick however is not to pull out the crown, but keep it in it's wearing position. If you turn the crown clockwise you will noticed a little wheel starts spinning
on the left side of your KREDO Watch. We recommend you to fully wind the watch by turning the crown clockwise for at least 30 rounds (try 40-50 if it keeps failing).
After winding the watch we recommend you wearing the watch for 3 hours straight to built a full energy reserve.
Once you have done this the KREDO watch should be able to run for at least 8-12 hours without any movement at all!